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Boiler Suit Jacket | Long Pants

2-piece Boiler Suit Jacket and Long Pants gives rise to the professional who appreciates an alternative to the coverall uniform yet with almost the same functionality. The Jacket is a long-sleeved work wear with a front opening of either buttoned (with button holes), snap buttoned or zippered. Long Pants are trousers that complement the Jacket making it standard work wear that many organisations add on with embroidery patches/printing to distinctly identify themselves from the rest.

Made using a blend of cotton and polyester to maximises comfort and durability, jackets and long pant are used in a various markets and industries- from Engineering to Facilities Management and Logistics and Transportation- professionals choose to wear protective clothing that allow for operability and functionality without compromising on comfort.

Various colours available in store provide options along with logo embroideries and individual’s name tags that are additional value-added services which can also be provided by us to give you a seamless end-to-end experience.

Available jacket models with varying opening modes appeal to one from another. Select from the traditional button (and button-hole), snap button and zippered types, offering convenience and ease-of-use.

Should there be specific requirements on the garment itself or on our value-added services, our friendly staff are just a phone call away to understand you better.