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Fire Retardant Uniform

Fire retardant- or FR- uniforms are made from 100% Cotton, treated to withstand flash fire exposures that are rarely encountered. Adopting the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) despite the low incidence greatly reduces the risk and increases one’s survivability. Gowning on an FR apparel does not indemnify one completely from burns, but without the use of an FR clothing, an ignited uniform may experience flames that continue to burn and spread. Extended exposures to flash fires also reduces the efficacy to protect the wearer.

Tested for compliance with NFPA 2112- an industry standard on flame resistant garments- these FR uniforms offer the assurance of protection and peace-of-mind for professionals who especially work in high-risk environments.

Fire retardant uniforms are used in many industries. From Engineering to Offshore and Marine, professionals choose to wear protective clothing alongside complementary PPE that protects users from harmful elements and possible flash fire exposure.

Choose between available FR Coveralls or Jackets that protect your workforce against threats by reducing risk levels and ensuring the safety of an organisation’s workforce. For specialised requirements such as the need for FR laboratory coats, welding jackets or other work wear, speak to us to find out how we can customise your order.