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Personalised Lab Coats

Laboratory Coats or Lab Coats are one-piece, long-sleeved garments worn over personal clothing, providing protection to both the wearer’s skin and their clothing from hazardous substances. Lab coats not only identify professionals as specialists in their fields, they also provide protection to the wearer.

Used extensively in the biomedical sciences and research fields, lab coats are also used by students and professionals in healthcare and educational institutions and the pharmaceutical sector. Professionals operating in specialised fields in the chemicals and energy sectors may also require lab coats using specialised fabrics such as having waterproof, fire retardant or chemical resistant properties.

Customised lab coats allow for a high degree of personalisation for example, garment can be made to be opened with the traditional button and button holes or hook and loop (a safety feature in the unfortunate event of an emergency situation). Custom-made lab coats also allow for customers the choice of using different coloured fabrics, accessories and designs.

Should there be no necessity for customised laboratory coats, off-the-shelf white laboratory coats with brass snap buttons are also available in-store in various sizes. If you need to clarify, why not drop us an email or talk to us to help us understand your requirements better.